27. May, 2019


Sam was our old lady cat and definitely queen of all she surveyed. At 18yrs old she was a good age many people will say, but it doesn’t make losing her any easier.

She travelled over the rainbow bridge on the evening of the 24th May, she had been poorly for a few days but her last hours were peaceful, and like Bubbles she had her box.

Sam was a strange cat, off hand with you most of the time, but she loved nothing better than being picked up and cuddled, and she would purr loudly.

Unlike Bubbles she was a very vocal cat, with a wide range of meows and purrs, the loudest being when she decided it was time to be fed.

I have already said she loved to purr, and she was so loud it would drown out the TV, and sounded like a small engine.

She took to life on the boat with ease and learnt to swim, but she didn’t like the water (what cat does), and soon let you know when she had fallen in, wow that cat could make a racket when necessary. To start with when she was hoisted out she would run off and hide, ashamed at her clumsiness and not return until she was dry, but then she learnt that we would dry her off and give her lots of love and cuddles (and treats) when the unfortunate happened. She would get off and explore when we moored up for the night, but her favourite place was on the roof in the sun, but just out of reach of us, and anyone who might disturb her slumbers. We had to keep the cabin door shut when travelling or she would be out and on the roof, not the safest place for a small elderly cat. She had a good life.

She was also fearless and would stand up to any dog, but usually from the safety of the boats roof. I remember Cassie, a very large Belgian shepherd we met at the IWA festival, Sam hissed and growled  at her, whilst Cassie looked on in wonderment that something so small could think she was a match for her, but Sam did.

Woe betide any strange cat that might stray into her territory, she would be there protecting what was hers and seeing off the interloper.

She eventually took to the Captain, who came into her life quite late on, and sometimes would inch onto his lap when Bubbles wasn’t looking, but she never was a lap cat in the true sense.

She became a minor celebrity last year in Nottingham. She took up residence on the bench at the side of the boat because of the heat, and the Captain had to put a note on explaining that she lived on the boat, and wasn’t lost, or a stray, after a very kind gentleman wanted to take her home. Many people stopped to read the note and spend time with her.

I would like to think that she is reunited with her sister Tiggy , Bubbles and Puss in the happy hunting grounds over the rainbow bridge.