11. Jun, 2017


This is the weather forecast for coming bank holiday, isn’t it great.

Cruising in very hot weather is not as nice as it sounds as the poor Captain cannot get out of the sun, I can at least disappear below deck from time to time. Don’t like to leave him for too long though.

Right and back we go to Rikki we passed many boats as we cruised as it had been the Rickmanworth festival at the weekend and according to reports the boats had been moored 3 deep but we were hopeful that most would have set off for home by the time we got there.

There were still a few festival boats about so we moored further out than normal but still managed to walk into town for a pint after a hot day. The Pennsylvanian is the local Wetherspoons and they had a dark on for the Captain so we took our seat and watched the world go by. This was disturbed by a very annoying and more than slightly drunk young man who seemed to take pleasure at shouting at people as they passed by the door he wasn’t much quieter in the pub. I happen to see that he took his drink into the street and knowing that this is heavily frowned upon and possibly illegal I alerted one of the staff. After he had done this 3 times the manageress had a word with him and he seemed to calm down but it did not last and he was asked to leave and his drink confiscated. He then tried using the racist card and stood outside the pub telling passersby he was being discriminated against (rubbish). The manageress eventually threatened him with the police and he left, I felt like applauding. It did not spoil our night and it was better than watching tv.

After one hot day cruising we decided to stay put the next but we were on some kind of a ledge and when the boat in front left we moved forward. I was happily cooking a way when a speeding boat going by caught my attention. I usually give them the benefit of the doubt but as our boat began to rock I shouted at the gentleman steering to ‘SLOW DOWN’ he kind of waved at me and did cut his speed, a little too late to be honest.

It was a sad day for the UK and the world with the news of the terrible terrorist attack in Manchester our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected. Life on the cut is far removed from the hussle and bussle of other people’s life but something like this affects us all.

Thursday and another very hot day we moved to Denham Deep lock and moored above it. There is a little cafe at the lock and it was advertising ice cream, what better on a hot day so the Captain very kindly offered to buy me one. Unfortunately they didn’t have any icecream but they did have some popsicle so we sat in their garden and enjoyed a ice lolly.

I decided and the Captain agreed it would be great to be in London for the bank holiday weekend so next day we set off for the Paddington Arm of the GU and Little Venice. We stopped off at Bulls Bridge to pick up a few supplies at the Tesco there and had a lovely chat with an elderly couple on a little boat called Daisy Chain, I had seen it on and off on our way down. Another hot day and we made it as far as Black Horse Bridge at Greenford and the Black Horse pub. At first it didn’t seem there was anything for the Captain but then I spied a bottle of London Porter so he was a happy bunny and we had a couple or so.

Next day it was an early start for us (about 9.30) the Captain thought if we got into Little Venice a round lunchtime we might have a better chance of finding a mooring, so off we went.

Little Venice was busy but we spotted a number of places where we could breast up with another boat. We had a quick look down the Paddington arm but there is still a lack of signage explaining exactly where you can moor so we turned round and headed back. We managed to breast up a long side a grey NB with no name and nobody on board and just hoped they would not object to us doing this when they returned. We discovered a couple of years ago that in London breasting up is the done thing, obviously due to the lack of moorings and the number of boats. But you still get some boaters who object which is not very neighbourly or considerate.

The Captain then spotted his first ‘GO BOAT’ we had read about these on the CRT website. Little electric boats to hire at Paddington basin for up to 8 people . They zipped along quite nicely and people seemed to be enjoying the experience. They are not cheap but it must be worth it for some people.  I will be returning to these boats later.

After a shower it was time to hit central London and armed with our oyster cards we headed for the underground and Leicester Square. The Moon Under Water is the Wetherspoons and in times past we have had a very enjoyable time in there but it was not to be this time. There was a dark on but it was not a great pint and the number of people in the outside area meant the chance of finding a seat to watch the world go by was nil to zero. So out came google maps and off to the nearest Sam Smiths. There is always a stout on tap there and I like the Taddy lager and it’s cheaper than Wetherspoons. As they had no outside seating we had to find a seat inside and shared a booth with a very nice American couple on their first day in London they had all the maps and a guide book out and of course we had to have a chat with them.

Tea time and we decided to try and find the great little all you can eat chinese from last year but sadly it was closed however on a happier note a few doors down was another so the Captain treated me to tea.

Saturday was a quiet day I caught up on the blog and the Captain sat on the back watching the world go by and fielding questions from curious passersby and our neighbour turned up. Zac, a very nice young man who had no problem with us bresting up with him at all.

Later in the day we set off for Camden one of our favourite places in London but more about that next time.